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In today's world of fierce competition, not only you have to be innovative, you have to be able to cope with the market’s requests. One of the market's many needs is packaging; an essential ingredient to product success in the marketplace. To this effect, Dynamec works closely with customers to design and develop a package that will best help achieve the set branding strategy goals. Dynamec in an innovating collaboration with Kahuna Surfhouse, created biodegradable, bio- disposable plastic caps, straws and packaging for a more environmentally friendly policy, as Kahuna noticed many visitors were leaving trash behind them. The contribution of Dynamec's experience and expertise in this field is incomparable. To this extent, not only they managed to cope with the request, but they can help the environment actively! For this, we created a video testimonial, highlighting the Dynamec's success and the Kahuna’s happiness!


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