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One of the most famous boutique hotels designed by the famous architect Aris Constantinides.
The avant-garde French confectionery art of Pralina Confectioneries is the best reward for choosing to visit Pralina Experience. A place where the love for art meets the love for food, creating a memorable experience.
Enjoy great coffee on the go, with this smart mug-shaped coffee maker! Just upload your preferences in the app and have your favourite cup of joe fresh anytime you like!
PrimeTel needed some fun and entertaining videos for their unboxing theme. So, what we thought about that? Check it out!
Famous Sports is a leader in the Cyprus market for the last 24 years. This has given top positions for all our brands' positions in the market for all these years, high brand awareness and consumer respect for the brand.
Simon Michael renewed his contract with Keravnos Basketball team (Κεραυνός)! The young player will keep playing with the team until 2022 and the announcement of his contract should be epic! We decided to include a psychic (καφετζού) announcing a great deal! How cool is that?