We’ll start with dynamic storyboarding and end with a flawlessly executed video that takes your message to the next level. From idea to concept, script to location scouting and production, we work within your brand guidelines to create media your clients and customers will love.



The Mediterranean Bar Show is the long-awaited trade hub, connecting the region’s companies, professionals and spirit enthusiasts! Here is the Trailer for the up coming event in September 2020! 

Staroil is a renown brand in Cyprus. 

Our task was to create a commercial showcasing the premises and the services of the petrol stations Staroil owns. 

Continental considers each and every safety and performance aspect. 

To highlight their professionalism, quality of work and premises, we were asked to create a video commercial.

Here is the result!

This TVC was part of the campaign ''EKO SMILE APP''. Director: Christos Kanakis, Cinematographer: Alexis Kanakis. Shot on mini Alexa with PL lenses. Five hours filming on Location, two days of editing and three days of VFX / colour grading and sound effects.

A lot of work was put into post production, using different kind of techniques to promote the products, fast cuts, circles, smooth tracks and so on. All of the filming was executed with one hand held single camera. 

Micro-animations, created in Pixelart - done in a Retro style aesthetic. Developed for the SHARK 2020 campaign

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