We’ll start with dynamic storyboarding and end with a flawlessly executed video that takes your message to the next level. From idea to concept, script to location scouting and production, we work within your brand guidelines to create media your clients and customers will love.



A one-camera studio set up with balanced lighting, and the use of pans and tilts to showcase the company's products.

Micro Video for Elite Crackers & Rusks. It was a product focused production showing different suggestions on consumption. Opium Work's utilized these video in the client's Chatbot Christmas activation.

Our client Pizza Hut trusted us in branding the new APP launch on digital media. The campaign will be supported by a TV campaign so we adapted the digital branding to TV's different media consumption habits . The same principle was then applied for a YouTube campaign.


One camera, two locations, capturing the visit of the therapy horses and their interactions with children and the elderly with special needs. In post productions, slow motion and cinematic music was used to create an emotional feel.


What better way to showcase an unlimited mobile data plan than getting the gist from Social Media savvys! After enjoying the epic Unlimited plan, 8 social media personas from mama to DJs and MUA; they all shared their epic moments and unlimited data usage on Instagram! They shared their enthusiasm by running an epic unlimited annual plan competition for their followers! Then they came to our studio to share epic moments and epic testimonials which were showcased on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. #αυτοειναιepic

Following the global trend of Beauty Tips and How to Looks, we created two videos with Beauty Line. One video showing the ultimate Festive Look, step by step featuring each product and one close up video showing a specific technique that was applied in the full makeup video. We prepared 6 different exports for each of the videos that were used to promote the looks via Social Media, IGTV and YouTube.

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