Filming a live event can help your company obtain a much wider audience reach than just the attendance in the room! Whether your event is a conference, seminar, fashion show, tea tasting or showcase presentation we will have it covered!


Police Cycling Force - Promotional Video/Event Highlights

Celestyal Cruises coming back to Cyprus after many years of absence. A significant change for Cyprus tourism industry and for Louis Group Company. We covered the big event of the cruise ship coming to Cyprus on its first day showing all the activities that were happening on multiple locations. A team of more than 6 people, were at 3 different locations at the same time.

One camera on location, with slow motion and time remapping techniques used in post production, along with cinematic music to create this event highlights video.



Take advantage the events sponsored by SHARK we attended each Unifest with our crew and created micro videos of showing the product being part of student's every day life. Content needed to be fresh and up to date.

Highlights video- TedX Unbelievable was held on 30/11/19. The event was Powered by BOC as they were the main sponsor of the event. Unbelievable was centred around the idea that we are living in 'an era of amazement' with technological disruption and stories created by the power and will in ordinary people. 11 speakers and 4 performers shared their stories around the 'Unbelievable' concept.

School choirs visited Bank of Cyprus offices and staff gathered to hear them sing. 

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