Filming a live event can help your company obtain a much wider audience reach than just the attendance in the room! Whether your event is a conference, seminar, fashion show, tea tasting or showcase presentation we will have it covered!


Highlights video- TedX Unbelievable was held on 30/11/19. The event was Powered by BOC as they were the main sponsor of the event. Unbelievable was centred around the idea that we are living in 'an era of amazement' with technological disruption and stories created by the power and will in ordinary people. 11 speakers and 4 performers shared their stories around the 'Unbelievable' concept.

School choirs visited Bank of Cyprus offices and staff gathered to hear them sing. 

Each year, the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation's backyard transforms into the 'FANEROMENI' stage. The festival consists of cultural events, usually combined by performance, music, screenings and exhibitions. 

Cypriot and foreign artists, alone or in partnership, arrive in the yard of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation for a summer full of original performances. 

For the first time, the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation organised the “Book Me” Festival; a day dedicated to.. Books! For this special event, the Foundation welcomed the famous Greek novelist Zyranna Zateli. She talked about her books and where she draws inspiration from. Alongside the talk, the audience could buy books from the attended booksellers and craft together with their kids in the activities section! We were asked to create a highlights video, showcasing all the happenings of the event, but emphasizing on the general feeling of happiness, as well! We believe we made it!

In order to engage with their audience both online & offline, Chivas visited our group, Digital Tree for a whiskey tasting! We couldn't help but capture these moments...and enjoy a glass of whiskey. Or two!

Darren Ambrose is one of British hairdressing’s creative leaders – he is of British Hairdresser of the Year 2015 and holds 18 further British hairdressing awards to date. He produces some of the most converted photographic work nationally and internationally, working with some great editorial photographers.

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