From quick recipes to gourmet meals, find unforgettable recipes that will impress you, your family, and your guests! One of our favourite types of content to create is food videos! Why do we love them?  Because we get to eat! And also because they are cost-effective to produce, fun to create and above all, they are the ideal social media content! Whether you’re making a video to advertise your business or just sharing your favourite recipe with an instructional guide, food videos will help you reach your goal.



Cooking in the Kitchen Island's cooking space, for a good cause. Ten well known participants, for five cooking challenges.

Mitsides and Kitchen Island manage to bring delicious recipes and we help them create beautiful visuals! In seconds, you will feel jealous, cause we get to eat those great dishes you see on your screen! Enjoy our Vegan Thai Coconut Curry Recipe.

Sent us your recipe and we will make it happen! Equipment used: Two DSLR cameras, one top shot and one on the side.

Elliniko presents a series of videos in which the chef comes out of the kitchen in search of the freshest, healthiest and tastiest products. It shows us how the fresh products stand out, teaches us how to cook them and gives us tips on how to better enhance their flavour! At the same time, it makes it clear that only high-quality products come into the Elliniko kitchen. 


VASSOS ELIADES LTD. has been the sole representative of NESTLÉ products since the inception of the company in 1933. The relationship of Vassos K. Eliades with NESTLÉ starts even earlier as from 1920 until 1933 he was employed by the Swiss food giant as a general supervisor for its products in Cyprus. As NESTLÉ is a world-renowned brand and has a number of followers, we created a series of food videos, to showcase the many uses of...chocolate!

Food is always more pleasurable when you watch it being made! As food lovers, we are always excited to work with Maggi and their all-time classic recipes! Whether consumers are looking for an easy and quick recipe or watching their favorite foodie celebrity, food is thriving on YouTube. In a great collaboration we filmed several recipe videos, to introduce, inspire and to provide you with the greatest food videos!

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