What are customer testimonial videos and why use them? Customer testimonial videos (a.k.a. customer story videos or case study videos) are a way to let your customers do the talking for you! Putting your most successful, happy, or unique customers on screen is a powerful way to attach a real-life narrative to your product or service. 

Customer stories typically feature one or more customers talking testimonial-style about how your company has made a positive impact on their life or business. The most valuable part of a customer testimonial video is getting your clients to vocalize the problem they were faced with and how your company provided a solution. 

Along with interview footage, this type of video is typically packed with lifestyle shots (known in the biz as b-roll) of your customer using your product or service in their own environment, making it engaging with your audience!

International Women's Day is annually held on March 8 to celebrate women's achievements throughout history and across nations
PHC Franchised Restaurants Public Ltd was founded in 1991 and operates in the catering industry with global brands of restaurants and coffee shops.
As the theme of Tedx Limassol 2018 was happiness, we decided to ask our colleagues what is happiness at the workplace for them! We are proud of working alongside the... happiest people in Cy! 
Nicky is one of the greatest additions of UNIC! She was "born" in India, but now she proudly adapted in the Cypriot..mentality!